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Check out the new resource page for the American Saddlebred Ranch Division added to our breed rule book in 2021! From the full rules for all current classes, score sheets and example videos this is your one stop shop to learn more about this exciting new division! 

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2022 ASHBA Youth Conference Photos

The ASHBA Youth Conference was back and better than ever this year! Enjoy the photos from a weekend of hands-on educational opportunities, Grey Ridge Farm field trip, World's Grand Champion horse presentations with Bourbon Select and The Crowd Went Nuts!, Saddlebred champions from all divisions, and our Youth Awards Gala!


Courtesy of Kaelyn Donnelly Browning




Saddlebred Record is designed to provide a reference source of current and accurate information concerning the breeding records of Saddlebred stallions and mares, to identify successful breeding combinations, to identify and honor the outstanding performers of the show ring, and to keep the history of the breed. Upon earning enough points at USEF-licensed Saddlebred competitions, USEF Lite and American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) Star Shows and being approved as a Champion, a horse will be awarded the permanent "CH" prefix to its name on the Registry of the ASHBA records. Saddlebred Record Champions are acknowledged each year in the Journal of the American Saddlebred.

  • American Saddlebreds competing in the performance, park, show pleasure, and country pleasure sections must earn 15 points.
  • Only 3 points at a single show will be allowed. 
  • Only 3 points won in "In Hand" classes will count toward the total of 15 points required to earn CH status. 
  • Only 3 points won at ASHBA Star Shows will count toward the total of 15 points required to earn CH status.


For equitation achievements, a horse can be honored by affixing a "CH-EQ" designation in the Registry of the ASHBA permanent records.  In some cases, equitation results may not have been received or the name of the horse was not available. Horses with equitation records can have points added with proper documentation of competition results.  A worksheet to list competition results has been included with the CH-EQ application and rules for purposes of researching results not recorded with ASHBA. 

  • American Saddlebreds competing in Saddleseat and Pleasure Equitation sections must earn 15 points.
  • Only championship and finals count for points.
  • Only 3 points won at ASHBA Star Shows will count toward the total of 15 points required to earn CH-EQ status.
  • A horse that wins the Triple Crown (Senior UPHA Challenge Cup, NHS Good Hands and USEF Medal) is automatically eligible for CH-EQ status. This may be over a horse's total show career and can be with multiple riders. 


The Board of Directors voted to approve and accept the champion designation, CH-SH, program for American Saddlebred and Half-Saddlebred Sport Horses. In addition, the point program for earning a CH-SH designation in Dressage, Endurance and Eventing passed and several historical CH-SH were awarded. 

EWAC researched and presented a candidate for a historical CH-SH. The Board of Directors also awarded CH-SH Rex Rysdyk the designation for twice completing the grueling 300 mile U.S. Cavalry Endurance challenge in the 1920's. 


To become a Half Saddlebred Champion (CH-HS), a registered Half Saddlebred must have earned a total of 15 points at a USEF licensed, USEF Lite &/or ASHBA Star Show.  Points will be eligible retroactively for newly registered Half Saddlebreds, as long as previous competition records can be verified by the ASHBA Registry.  

  • Half Saddlebreds, registered with ASHBA, competing in Half Saddlebred classes, any breed classes (e.g. Half Arab), or any open to all breeds classes, must earn 15 points
  • Only 3 points at a single show will be allowed
  • Only 3 points won in "In Hand" classes will count toward the total of 15 points required
  • Only 3 points won at ASHBA Star Shows will count toward the total of 15 points required

Guidelines for Saddlebred Record (CH), Saddlebred Record Equitation (CH-EQ) and Saddlebred Record Sport Horse (CH-SH) Dressage, Endurance and Eventing, Half Saddlebred Record (CH-HS) can be found by clicking on the links below.

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