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#SharetheSaddlebred Success at the Historic Devon Horse Show

Published Date: Jun 07, 2019

The American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) reports record numbers and exposure from The Devon Horse Show. From social media, to the live stream, to the promotional booth at the show #SharetheSaddlebred was in full force. Devon is a unique combination of history, hospitality, and hope. It is one of the oldest and grandest horse shows in the country steeped in tradition, while also a place where anything is possible! From the annual Back Barn Tours to the Wheeler’s in 2013 bringing together the spectacular Five-Gaited Specialty class featuring the top Grand Prix riders at Devon introduces new people to our breed every year.

We recorded record high figures from the ASHA/USEF content from the Devon Horse Show on social media. Over 400,000 individual accounts on Facebook were reached by the Saddlebred related footage. The posts from Devon were seen almost 3 million times across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the past week. The special feature videos produced by US Equestrian, ringside stories and the behind the scenes footage from the ASHA has been viewed over 250,000 times so far. We bested both the American Quarter Horse Association and the Arabian Horse Association in engagement on Facebook for both the week of Devon and this past week by over 5,000 post engagements.

US Equestrian Features from the 2019 Devon Horse Show


The improved communication and partnership with the ASHA and US Equestrian Marketing teams over the past five months were on display this week during the Devon Horse Show. The social media accounts of US Equestrian boast a significant following and high follower engagement. As identified during the 2019 ASHA/UPHA Convention building our brand and cross-promoting with more developed and high profile brands is a priority for the ASHA in 2019 and beyond. During meetings to prepare for the April  US Equestrian Affiliate Demonstrations at Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event the two teams addressed how we could educate both sides to maximize the opportunities for American Saddlebred exposure on USEF platforms. Throughout the next month, the ASHA worked with the USEF marketing team to share examples and tips on how to produce quality footage for Devon. The efforts and testing on how and when to capture images and videos of the American Saddlebred show horse at the Affiliate Demonstrations in April proved successful as we enjoyed over ten breed related photo albums, video features, and specialty social media content during the show.


ASHA Marketing and Communications Manager, Jessica Cushing, was on-site along with ASHA Marketing Committee member Ashley Saunders Russo to execute and assist with all of the additional promotional efforts this year. Cushing worked diligently with Show Net and US Equestrian to make improvements to the live stream webcast and resources for our live commentators. From Thursday, Cushing was on site to produce and guide the live stream and webcast footage of all Saddlebred, Hackney and Open Pleasure Classes. We wanted to be sure the breeds where presented and captured appropriately, to assure our breed representation and the live commentary was accurate. Russo was a great resource with her media expertise and connections to provide guidance and support for each of the individual features, live commentary and several of the great social media contests and takeovers that were featured on the ASHA and USEF social media accounts.

Saddlebreds performed for packed grandstands for each evening session. These classes were scheduled alongside the three premier FEI level show jumping features the $250,000 Sapphire Grand Prix of Devon, $36,000 Devon Speed Challenge and the $72,000 Idle Dice Open Jumper Stake.  From Olympic level riders to the most premier equine brands in the world Devon is a remarkable stage for our great breed. The engagement and interest from the public are second to none at this prestigious event and one we will continue to support and nurture.  Introducing our breed to the horse enthusiasts of the ever-growing Philadelphia suburb and educating them on the nature, history and versatile opportunities for the breed is precisely the type of breed promotion we strive for at the ASHA. 

The work of the Devon Horse Show manager Peter Doubleday, the Saddlebred and Hackney Friends of Devon Committee, the Pennsylvania Saddlebred Horse Association and photographer Doug Shiflet are remarkable and makes sharing the American Saddlebred horse at this great showcase possible. The ASHA was proud to be able to work with our Charter Club members and US Equestrian to bring back live commentary on the USEF Network, identify and produce three special features from the show, increase social media presence and supply the breed promotion booth with additional promotional and educational material.


We were honored to work alongside the dedicated members of the Saddlebred and Hackney Friends of Devon and their Show Committee who have diligently worked to make the Saddlebred experience at Devon exceptional. A special thank you to Janet Crawford Hicks and Tara Wentz Goosley for their support as committee members, Ashley Russo and Carson Kressley for leading our social media exclusives, and Alicia Owens, Nealia McCracken and Amanda O’Keefe Murchison for being our guest live commentators on the USEF Live Stream. The time and knowledge everyone contributed to making the ASHA’s return to Devon a great success.

The Devon Horse Show and County Fair is the oldest and largest outdoor multi-breed horse shows in the country. Originating in 1896 as a way for the affluent horse breeders on the revered Philadelphia “Main Line” to compare their breeding programs it quickly graduated from the front lawn of the Devon Inn to becoming one of the nation’s most prestigious equine competitions. This year alone, they averaged over 10,000 in attendance each day. The show generated another banner year for contributions to the area’s Bryn Mawr Hospital. The ASHA is honored to have been a part of another great year of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair we look forward to more in 2020!

The History of Devon provided by Tara Wentz Goosley

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