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ASHA High Point Awards Program FAQ

Do I need to enroll my horse to be eligible for the High Point Awards?

  • No. Whenever results are entered on each horse's record, the points are automatically calculated and included in the High Point standings.

Does the rider have to be an ASHA member?

  • Yes, for performance as well as equitation categories.  This is a new rule effective for the 2014 program year. As long as the rider is a member by November 30, 2014, the horse will be eligible for consideration for awards.
  • Beginning with the 2019 competition year - Owners, riders, drivers, handlers and trainers of American Saddlebred horses showing at USEF licensed competitions and open horse shows recorded with ASHA, who are not current ASHA competing members, will be required to become a competing member within 30 days after receiving a notice from ASHA. After 30 days, the show records (including points for KSF/WCHS Qualifying, CH, CH-EQ, National Pleasure, and ASHA High Point) of American Saddlebred horses whose owner, rider, driver, handler &/or trainer that have not joined ASHA, will be removed from ASHA records and the website.

Does the horse owner have to be an ASHA member for the entire competition year?

  • While it's advisable to join the ASHA as early in the year as possible, as long as the horse owner is a current ASHA member on November 30, the horse's points will count.

Do all classes count in the High Point Awards Program?

  • In order to keep the program as fair as possible to all competitors, it was decided that any classes requiring additional memberships or that eliminate a horse/rider from further competition do not count.
  • Additionally, open breed classes that allow multiple seats (e.g. Open Pleasure that includes Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat and Western in the same class) do not count toward Open English Pleasure, Open Hunter Pleasure, etc.
  • There may be other classes that simply don't fit a category and will not count.

If I ride in a class that combines adults/junior exhibitors or professionals/amateurs, how does that class count?

  • In the case of categories that have separate awards for adults and junior exhibitors, combined classes default to the adult category. Classes that do not specify open/amateur (e.g. novice horse) will default to either open or adult, depending on the category.

How is the region determined for my horse? I live in a different region than the barn where he is trained.

  • For most categories, the region is determined by the location of the competition. Horses must compete at a minimum of three competitions within a region to qualify as that region's winner.
  • For sport horse disciplines, the region is based on where the horse owner lives.

How do I find out what competitions count for qualifying?

  • The results for all competitions that are registered with the ASHA, and listed on the ASHA web site, will be used for high points. The qualifying period is December 1 through November 30.

What if I plan to compete in a competition that isn't listed by ASHA?

  • Please encourage that competition's management to register with the ASHA. Competitions are strongly encouraged to register with the ASHA prior to the competition; such notification may be submitted on the "Competition Registration Form" by the manager or other representative of the competition. All results must be in the ASHA office before December 1. Any results sent in after that date cannot be used for the current year's ASHA High Point Awards.

How do I contact ASHA about competitions not yet held that are not on the calendar, or how should the competition  contact ASHA?

  • Notify ASHA by emailing competitions@asha.net. The most efficient way of communicating with ASHA is by email, so there is clear documentation of your communication and ASHA's response.

If there's a competition within the qualifying period that I competed in, and it isn't listed, what do I do?

  • If you compete in a sport horse discipline (e.g. dressage, eventing, combined driving, distance riding, etc.) you may submit your own results as long as the results is certified by the competition secretary.
  • If you compete in a Saddlebred or open breed category at a horse show, the show management must send the results, using our template (in excel). Please notify the ASHA at competitions@asha.net with contact information for that horse show, and the ASHA will do everything possible to get the pertinent results.