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The American Saddlebred Horse Association has several important programs that are solely funded by friends and members of ASHA. To make a tax-deductible contribution to one of ASHA's important efforts, please complete the following form:

Faithful Friends Wall of Honor
Honor your favorite horse with sponsorship of a name plate to be featured on our website
Please email the webmaster your horse's information, personal photos of your horse and a bio.

DVDs, Posters, and Journal of the American Saddlebred
Fine Harness Legends Poster - $10
Fine Harness Legends DVD - $25
Three Gaited Legends Poster - $10
Three Gaited Legends DVD - $25
Five Gaited Legends Poster - $10
Five Gaited Legends DVD - $25
Journal of the American Saddlebred - $35 (additional postage required for foreign addresses)
   To place more than one order for these items, please call the office at 859-259-2742.
Please check the item(s) of your choice to make a selection.

General Donation
A general donation in the amount of: $
   Please check the item of your choice to make a selection.

Online & eNews Advertising
Text Ad is featured on our homepage as text link. Banner Ad (includes design and production) is also featured (randomly) on our homepage and several pages and listings on our website. The Featured Stable is listed on our Stable Search page under the heading of "ASHA Featured Stables". The eNews Spot Ad (includes design and production) is featured on our weekly eNews.
Text Ad
Banner Ad
Banner & Text Ad
  eNews Spot Ad

To be a Featured Stable - $50

eMagazine Advertising
Four Color Rates include design and production.
Full Page - $250
Half Page - $100
One fourth (1/4) Page - $50

Journal of the American Saddlebred (Reference Directory)
Stallion Section Advertising
Formatted Page - Pedigree / Performance Report - $400
Formatted Page plus Internet Enhanced Stallion Listing for 1 year - $450
Black / White Dislay Ad plus Formatted Page Package - $800
Black / White Dislay Ad plus Formatted Page Package plus Internet Enhanced Stallion Listing for 1 year - $850
Color Display Ad plus Formatted Page - $1,200
Color Display Ad plus Formatted Page Package plus Internet Enhanced Stallion Listing for 1 year - $1,250

Standard Advertising
Color Display Ad - $800
Color Display Ad plus Internet - $850
Two Page Color Spread - $1,450
Black / White Dislay Ad - $400
Black / White Display Ad plus Internet - $450

Resource Directory
1/9 Page Black / White - $100

Service Provider Directory
Service Directory Listing in Bold - $75

The ASHA Futures Fund
The ASHA Futures Fund began as an effort to support technological advances for the breed, including the Association's Web site and improved staff access to technology.  It also now supports all American Saddlebred promotional efforts - printing, advertising, television production, and expanded promotion by all means including the Internet. 
The Genetic Research Endowment
The Genetic Research Endowment was created to increase knowledge of equine health and its genetic links. The main purpose of this is to protect and improve the American Saddlebred by providing funding for genetic research and development of a diagnostic test for detecting Epitheligenesis Imperfecta, which is a deadly birth defect that can affect American Saddlebreds.

The Equine Welfare Fund
The Equine Welfare Fund was started to guard the breed’s welfare on an individual basis by providing assistance in the care and placement of neglected American Saddlebred horses. Services may include on-site inspection and identification, court assistance and transfers to responsible ownership. 

The CHBelle Elegant and foal statue, sculpted by Diane Maroscia,
were created with the endowment ofthe CHBelle Elegant Fund.

The CHBelle Elegant Fund
This fund covers a wide scope of areas that strengthen the breed. This fund has sponsored various youth projects, including supporting the ASHA Youth Conference. The establishment of this endowment allowed for the creation of ten bronze statues of CHBelle Elegant with a foal, by the renowned artist Diane Maroscia. CHBelle Elegant was a mare that, once seen in action, was never forgotten. Under the ownership of North Ridge Farms, owned by Franklin Groves, CHBelle Elegant was known for her electrifying presence in the ring, which was heightened by the way her mane seemed to stand up on end.

The Lordosis Fund
The American Saddlebred Horse Association has been funding the research to find the genetic cause of lordosis. Research indicates lordosis is a genetic fault, where the one or two thoracic vertebrae at the withers are wedge-shaped. What has occurred is the ventral (underside) region of the vertebrae has failed to mature and grow at a normal rate, while the dorsal (topside) region continued to grow. This creates a wedge instead of the typical square block vertebrae in the back. From the point of the malformed vertebrae, moving towards the rump, the vertebrae follow a concave curved line.
If you would prefer to make your donation via direct mail, please send any contributions to the following address:
4083 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511

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