Rules Regarding Names



1. Each animal for which Application for Registration is made must be given an acceptable name which does not conflict with the name of any other animal registered with the Registry, living or dead. A conflicting name is one which is judged to be too similar to an existing name either in spelling or pronunciation, e.g., Black Knight/ Black Night, Adding “A”, “An” or “The” to an existing name is judged to be too similar. The Registry shall consider waiving this requirement for horses with the same or similar names with a foaling date of 40 years or more ago and do not have show records and do not have registered progeny.

2. The name may not exceed 35 characters, including letters, spaces and punctuation.

3. Three name choices must be provided on the application in order of owner's preference.

4. The Registry reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the names submitted, whether for reasons of conflict or good taste, and also reserves the right to correct obvious misspellings.

5. The following are not allowed as part of a horse's name:

a. Numerical prefixes or suffixes: Numerals;

b. "Jr." and "Sr." as suffixes;

c. Diacritical marks;

d. Punctuation marks as prefixes;

e. Initials added as a prefix or suffix to a name already in use, e.g. Wing Commander G.G.

6. Any available name may be reserved with the Registry and will be reserved for a period of six (6) months. Effective 5/1/02, a fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each name reservation.




The name of a registered horse may be changed one time only during the lifetime of that horse provided that:

1. No foals have been registered from the horse in question, whether it be a mare or a stallion.

2. The horse has not been designated as a Saddlebred Record Champion.

Note: If a horse has had one or more name changes, the owner may reregister the horse by its original name, subject to above limitations.  The original Certificate of Registration must be submitted along with the name change request and correct fee. The old certificate will be cancelled and retained by the Registry and a new certificate issued. See Section III.H. for rules on naming horses.



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