2009 Regional Championship Guidelines

Competition Selection Criteria and Guidelines for ASHA Regional Championships 

Updated May 4, 2009

Requirements for Competitions:

  • Recognized competition of United States Equestrian Federation (USEF)
  • Regions are consistent with USEF regions as of 2009.
  • Must offer competition in:

                             *Five Gaited, Three Gaited, Fine Harness (Open and Amateur)

                             *Park Pleasure

                             *Show Pleasure and/or Country Pleasure: English and Western 

                             *Youth Showmanship

                             *Saddle Seat Equitation

  • Classes that can be designated as a Regional Championship can be any Saddlebred class (and Saddle Seat Equitation) and must be a championship or stake class. ASHA must approve all Regional Championship classes offered prior to the show.
  • Recommended that competition be offered in other Saddlebred sections, including Emerging FEI Disciplines
  • Incentive for participation in ASR Grand National program

                             *Eligibility for special $3,000/$5,000 Stakes

  • Held in the months of September, October, November

ASHA to provide:

  • Advertising and marketing support, Web site, magazine, reference directory, etc.
  • Regional and national e-mails upon request
  • Point-keeping, qualifying support including investment in programming and data display
  • Designated staff liaison to the Regional Championship competition managers
  • Titles/recognition as published in reference directory, Web site, magazine, etc.
  • One exclusive tri-color ribbon and neck sash for each approved, designated Regional Championship class, or allowance (equal to ASHA cost) for same if the competition elects to order its own
  • Grand National considerations: incremental purses/designations

General Guidelines (as of May 2009):

  • Horses and equitation riders must compete and receive a ribbon (1 through 8) in three (3) separate competitions within the region, in the qualifying period, in the same section within the Saddlebred division, to qualify for a Regional Championship title in that region's championship event. Sections include Five-Gaited, Three-Gaited, Fine Harness, Park, Park Pleasure, Show Pleasure, and Country Pleasure, Saddle Seat Equitation, etc.
  • The highest placing, qualified horse or equitation rider in a Regional Championship class shall be named Regional Champion, receive an exclusive tri-color and neck ribbon, and make a victory pass.
  • For the 2009 year, the qualifying period is from the day following the ending date of the Regional Championship horse show in 2008 to the day prior to the starting date for the Regional Championship show in 2009.
  • Qualifying shows need not be USEF-licensed but must be recorded in the ASHA database of competitions, and ASHA must receive official results. Regional Championship competitions themselves do not count as qualifying shows, unless the competition was not designated as a Regional Championship in the prior year. For example, the 2009 ASHAV Horse Show is designated as the Region 11 championship for the first time in 2009. The 2008 ASHAV Horse Show counts for qualifying for 2009. The 2009 ASHAV Horse Show will not count for qualifying if ASHAV is the Region 11 championship in 2010. Conversely, Penn National was the 2008 Region 11 championship. Because it is not the 2009 Regional Championship, the 2008 Penn National will count as a qualifying show in Region 11 for 2009.
  • In the case of a sale of a horse, all qualifying records will travel with the horse (equitation excepted).
  • Horses/equitation riders may earn only one Regional Championship title in a given calendar year. Once a horse wins a Regional Championship title, it is no longer eligible for additional titles even if it is qualified and competes at subsequent Regional Championship competitions. Conversely, if a horse competes in a Regional Championship class and does not win the Regional Championship title, it may compete for a Regional Championship title at other Regional Championship competitions for which it is eligible. Declaration of region is not required in 2009.


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