ASHA Personnel

Board of Directors


Tandy Patrick - President
Bob Funkhouser - Vice President
Betsy Boone - Secretary
Term Expires in 2015
Redd Crabtree, Kentucky
Randall Cates, Oklahoma
David B. Rudder, Kentucky 
Kenneth Wheeler, Virginia 
Betsy Boone, North Carolina
Term Expires in 2016
Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes, Oklahoma
Stacey Kipper-Perrelli, Colorado
Jackie Cline Hale, Alabama
Holly Nichols, Louisiana
Chuck Herbert, Indiana
Term Expires in 2017
Susan Shepherd, Kentucky
David Mount, Kentucky Bret Day, Kentucky
Tandy Patrick, Kentucky
Matt Shiflet, North Carolina Bob Funkhouser, Massachusetts
Past President
Judy Werner, Illinois

Committee Roster and Purposes

ASHA Staff
Please call the direct line listed under the staff member, or dial (859) 259-2742 then the extension.

Bill Whitley
Bill Whitley
ASHA Executive Director
Direct: 859-259-3888

Lisa Duncan

Lisa Duncan
ASR Registrar
Direct: 859-259-3881
Katriona Adams
Katriona Adams
Assistant ASR Registrar 
Direct:  859-259-3885 
Michelle Krentz Partridge
Media Production & Marketing Manager
Direct: 859-259-3887
Brenda Newell
Sr. Programs Administrator
Direct: 859-259-3886
Carrie Mortensen
Carrie Mortensen
Registry Associate
Direct: 859-259-3895
Susan F. Harris
Registry Associate / Competitions
Direct: 864-293-2741
Patricia Edwards
Sr. Registry Associate / Program Manager
Direct: 859-259-3899
 Laura Karrer
Laura Karrer
Registry Associate
Direct: 859-259-3883
Elizabeth Pierson
Registry Associate

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